Scientific computing

    Since a long time, the Centre de Géosciences develops numerical tools ; generic codes (based on PDE or geostatistical methodologies) or specific sotftware (as HYSR for in situ lixiviation of Uranium, DEMETHER for gas storage in cavities, GAFIS for stability analysis and bolting of tunnels, ABIS & DIG3D for the deep drilling…).

    Some of theme are multi-physics simulators (THM & THMC : PHIMEF in rocks mecanics, CAWAQS & METIS in hydro and hydrogeology, HYTEC & CHESS in geochemical and transport…), stochastics and genetics simulators (FLUMY) or library/packages dedicated to spatio-temporal data analysis (gstlearn).

    Those developments are often performed thanks to partnerships with institutions, universities or companies. They are published under several license types such as private license, freeware license (FLUMY) or Open-Source license (gstlearn, METIS, CAWAQS, FDTimes, Delos…).