Research fields

The aim of the Geoscience center is to provide the necessary knowledge  to shed light on scientific, technical, economic and societal debates on major questions relating to :

Supply of energy as with geothermal energy or supply of mineral resources .

Use of underground rock mass (geological storage of radioactive waste, CO2 geological storage, energy storage (hydrocarbon storage optimization, power to gas), underground excavating techniques).


Water resources and natural hazards (links between atmosphere / soil / underground / surface water network, climate change impacts)

Several research activities provide knowledge to face these issues. It could helps also to qualtify parameters. Hereafter, you will find some examples both in French and English  :

the new methodologies in geostatistics and environmental geostatistics,

Seismic tomography,

Modelling the stability and the behaviour of underground excavations,

and stochastic geophysic.

On YouTube video, subtitles could be in English, modify the parameters if necessary.