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Modeling electric breakdown of rocks.  French description. Contact

Multi-criteria optimization of uranium exploitation by In Situ Recovery.  French-English description. Contact

Radiological characterization of contaminated soils from surveys at different scales.  French description. Contact

Probabilistic approach in hydrogeophysics to better articulate geophysical data with hydrogeological models.  English description. Contact

Convection and temperature anomalies in the central zone of the Upper Rhine Graben. Role of top basement heterogeneities and possible link with the spatial distribution of lithium .  French-English description. Contact

Remediation of soil polluted with oxyanions, sensitivity to exposure scenarios and waste management regulations. French-English description. Contact

Physics-based modeling of an induced seismicity sequence in a geothermal reservoir. French-English description. Contact

Quantifying Uncertainties in Physics-Informed Machine Learning. French-English description. Contact

Impact of salt tectonics on the geometry of the series at the front of the Digne thrust (Eastern Barronies, France) and role of associated fluids on the petrophysical characteristics of reservoirs.  French description. Contact

Rheology and transport properties of rock salt: application to hydrogen storage in salt caverns.  French-English description. Contact


Assessment of oxygen reactivity in underground bio-methane storage by multiphase reactive transport modeling. English description – Contact

Inversion Velocity Analysis and associated tomographic Hessian – English description – Contact