Field trip to the Fontainebleau Massif

Geosciences in the social-environmental context in the vicinity of Paris mega pole

8 décembre 2021

Field trip guided by Center of Geosciences / Mines Paris in the framework of the International Lithosphere Program Task Force VI: Sedimentary Basins workshop 2021 organized by IFPEN


Sandstone plateaus, ponds, rock chaos, fantastic boulders, high forest, and heathland form the typical landscape mixture of the famous Massif of Fontainebleau that attracts more than 15 million visitors each year. Beyond the natural beauty of this scenery hides the ancient and more recent history of the geologic evolution of this area that led to its actual shape.



During this one-day field trip on the 17th of February 2021, we dived into this history to better understand the Massif of Fontainebleau and to benefit from this enriching example to draw some links to prevailing socio-environmental questions on the needs and constrains of a mega pole such as the Grand Paris Area and discuss how to cope with these geoscientific challenges.




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