Geology-Research projects

Ongoing projects:

  • Chagny (2023) : Modeling of the clay deposits of the Chagny quarry (Terreal). Alluvial facies distribution of the Infra-Chagny formation.
  • CSM (2022-2025): Quantification of cover erosion in the CSM storage center depending on the properties of the cover material and rainfall (ANDRA-WSP).
  • ECV_Val@Sed (2021-2024) : Valorization of river sediment accumulations – (in cooperation with CTMNC, FFTB, and University of Orsay)
  • Alluv 3D (2020-2023) : Characterization of the geomorphic response and incision dynamics of a fluvial system since the last two glacial periods –(RGF Bassin Parisien, BRGM)
  • TracS (2020-2023): Source tracing of industrial and urban pollution in the hydrographic network of the Haut de France region – (VNF)
  • Abandoned channels (2020-2023) : Study of abandoned channels sedimentary filling in the Bassée area with the aim to understand the context of their disconnection and to characterize their impact of underground flow – (PIREN Seine – Phase VIII)
  • GeSS (2020-2024) : Management of Sediments at their Source: Studying erosion and transfer problematics in the Haut de France territory – (Water Agency Artois-Picardie)
  • NanoTracs (2022-2025) : Tracing of aerial fine particles using passive bio-collectors: link between urban environmental exposure and the impact on human health  – (cooperation IMT Nord-Europe, Mines de Saint Etienne, Mines Paris – PSL)
  • The Bartonian of the Paris Basin (2020-2022) : Paleoclimatic, stratigraphic and sedimentologic constraints during an analogous of the climatic global warming, the MECO hyperthermal event – (RGF Bassin Parisien, BRGM)
  • TransNum (2019-2023) : Characterization and restitution of the geomorphic evolution and associated lateritic weathering profiles on mining sites of New-Caledonia with the aim to model Ni-Co supergene enrichment. (CNRT)
  • EcorçAir (2016-ongoing) : Tracing atmospheric pollution sources in urban areas using magnetic measurements on tree bark – (project PartiCitaE, in cooperation with Sorbonne University & IPGP)
  • FLUMY : Modeling of meandering systems and the associated fluvial and turbiditic reservoirs – (consortium ENI, chaire ISR-U)

Recent projects:

  • MPH Climate change and geomorphology (2021): Modelling hydro-sedimentary flux in anthrogenic territories , evaluation of  pluri-decenal dynamics of  sediment transfert in rivers – (cooperation IFPEN, IMT Nord-Europe, Mines Paris – PSL)
  • REFLET – Focus 1 (2016-2020) : Caractérisation de la fracturation à la limite socle couverture sous le bassin de Valence et analogues ardéchois. Prospection d’une cible géothermique – (programme Géodénergie).
  • SediBric (2017-2020) :Valorization of sediments as bricks and tiles – (region of Normandy & harbor of Le Havre)
  • GeoFrAC (2019) : Approche terrain – modèle à la compréhension de la dynamique de fracturation sur la marge ardéchoise – (Programme TELLUS – INSU)
  • Traversière (2015-2018) : Flux and transfer time of pollutants from the catchment towards the river – (Carnot M.I.N.E.S.)
  • QuASPEr (2015-2018) : Quantification, Analysis, and Monitoring of Erosion Processes in the Canche River catchment – (Water Agency Artois-Picardie)